Aqualandia, il parco aquatico N°1 d'Europa!

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Aqualandia waterpark in Jesolo

What a wonderful feeling it is to relax on the beach, lulled by the waves, surrounded by the glides of seagulls, with  the backdrop of sky and endless sea....but why not try a surge of adrenaline?

Leave the beach behind for one day and dive right into Europe’s number one water park: located just 5 minutes drive from Park Hotel Brasilia, you’ll have the most exciting plunge of your life at Aqualandia waterpark!

Whether you’re an adult or adolescent, a child or a parent, you’re guaranteed to spend an unforgettable day at Aqualandia: with 8 differently themed areas , 26 attractions, 7 live shows and 6 teams of animation staff, fun is everywhere you turn!

If you’re feeling daring,  your quest for maximum thrill is fulfilled as you plummet from the highest water slide in the world or as you bungee jump from the tallest fixed tower in Europe, all the while taking in the breathtaking views of Jesolo.

Catch your breath in between slides with the exhilarating circus show, the captivating interactions between PeterPan and Captain Jack Sparrow aboard the galleon or the 4 suggestive shows performed at the Tiki Arena.

Mum and dad are sure to have as much fun as their kids!

For younger children and their family there’s Funnyland, a small “park within the park” specifically conceived  with the little ones in mind , which draws its inspiration from the world of cartoons.Watch the young visitors at Aqualandia drive the cute little cars through the mysterious jungle, embark on the sensational lifeboats at the Village Port, then move on to the circus, as part of the audience or , why not, on stage!

And that’s not all: this colossal water park is provided with several food and beverage outlets, beach volley  grounds  and water volleyball  courts, a soap soccer field, and even a state-of-the-art gym for the fitness fanatics!

When you stay at Park Hotel Brasilia, you’ll be truly transported to fun island: our valued guests are in fact entitled to an exclusive discount on the admittance ticket of the best water park in Europe!

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