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Over the years Jesolo has become a good stepping stone to visit Venice and combine sea and culture. A short ferry ride from Venice, our 4-Star Superior hotel is located in a privileged position to explore the incredible landscape of the Venetian lagoon, its many charming islands and, of course, the timeless splendor of Venice.

A major maritime empire, during the Middle Ages Venice had become the greatest Mediterranean power since Rome, dominating the trade between Europe and Asia. In order to halt the sinking of the lagoon, the Republic of Venice diverted four rivers that originally flowed into the lagoon so that they emptied directly into the sea.

This city on water is built on 117 islands connected by 391 bridges. The main waterway, the Grand Canal, flows through the center of the city and connects at various points with a maze of smaller canals which carry the bulk of Venetian transportation.

With its unique atmosphere, gondola boat rides and lavish baroque building, Venice has become a timeless myth in the collective imagination. It’s the city of Casanova, of intrigue and masked balls, but it also shows its enduring spirit every time the water levels rise to flood the lower-lying parts of the city and inhabitants and tourists alike are immortalized as they wade through the narrow calli and the grand St Mark’s Square.

The magical beauty and overwhelming grandeur of Venice await.


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