The Lagoon

The mysterious play of the currents, in a slow process of undermining, eroding, and filling, shifts the deepest basins and brimming lands, providential pastures for crab, shrimp, shellfish, octopus, squid, gulls, snipe, herons, wild ducks, shoveler ducks–all the incorrigible hunters and fishers. And I thought this was an inanimate realm.” – Frédéric Vitoux, Venice: The Art of Living

If you fly into Venice and the weather is decent you will get a fascinating aerial view of the Laguna Veneta, but for a more intimate view you just need to take the ferry from Lido di Jesolo and explore the rich lagoon and its islands by vaporetto or by following the routes of Jesolo Ambient Bike on our hotel’s Free Rental Bikes.

An enclosed bay of the Adriatic Sea, the Venetian lagoon is so rich in wildlife and tradition that it became a UNESCO World Heritage property. In the enduring mystique of the lagoon you will find silence, a soft palette of tawny grasses, sand and water turning from pewter to teal. Among islands barely emerging from the water, you will discover an ageless ecosystem.