Our commitment for environmental management


Our commitment for environmental management
Lido di Jesolo is a strip of land that overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is surrounded on the north by the lagoon and the Sile and Piave rivers. It’s a delicate ecosystem which must be looked after and preserved.
Sustainability has been a growing focus for Park Hotel Brasilia. Our hotel has been going through a process of sustainability, striving to protect and improve the environmental quality of the beautiful ecosystem that surrounds us and add value to our guests’ experience.
It’s an on-going process, which involves the implementation of sustainable policies at different stages. We believe that by sharing with you our commitment we can achieve better results and tangible benefits for the preservation of our beautiful Lido.
The hotel staff is committed to implementing better working procedures in order to reduce the waste of resources and improve the quality of the location in which we welcome you.
In order to do this, we have already undertaken important actions that aim to:

  • reduce the impact of transport with free rental of bicycles;
  • promote our ecosystem through Jesolo Ambient Bike paths, to explore the land, from the sea to the lagoon;
  • reduce the use of resources through a continuous monitoring of the consumption of water, electricity and gas;
  • rationalize the management of purchases in favor of a review and analysis of resources;
  • provide our guests with organic and biological products at the buffet breakfast;
  • involve our guests in the process of raising awareness, especially with regard to water conservation.

The commitment of Park Hotel Brasilia in pursuing a sustainable business culture has resulted in our adherence to Stay for the Planet, a project that determines the level of sustainability of the hotel by evaluating five key indicators: energy, water, waste, purchasing and behaviours. The data obtained from this monitoring helps guide our actions for continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Thanks to the partnership with LifeGate – point of reference in Italy for sustainable development – we can also calculate and monitor the sustainability level of hospitality management through periodic reporting of environmental indicators.
LifeGate aims to educate the staff, suppliers and guests to embrace sustainability and its practices.
Embrace a sustainable future.