The value of hospitality at our 4-Star Superior Hotel in Jesolo

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Our history began in 1965, when Jesolo was in the middle of an incredible tourism boom and witnessing the dawn of the first hotels and campgrounds. The newborn beach resorts grew amid gravel roads, golden sand dunes and the luxuriant green of the beautiful pine forest.

It’s in this context of new exciting opportunities that founders Angelo and Jolanda Boccato began giving shape to their dream of hospitality. In June 1966 Hotel Brasilia was inaugurated, a 5-storey seafront hotel with a panoramic restaurant overlooking the sandy shores of Jesolo.

In 2002 the baton was passed to Cristiana Boccato who became the General Manager of this family-owned hotel with the support of her husband, Domenico. Season after season, the hotel has kept surprising and winning over our guests.

In 2015 Park Hotel Brasilia celebrated its 50th Anniversary with the Boccato Family. It has become one of the most renowned hotels of the coast of Jesolo, appreciated for its stunning view over the Adriatic Sea, the elegant yet charming ambiance and the passionate dedication of the staff.


Over the years, we have realized that the authentic high-quality hospitality we aim to offer is a loving mixture of the thoughtful services we provide, the sensory experience you embrace during the holiday and the human connection you create with our staff.

Everything revolves around the passion we put in our work, to welcome you, to take care of your well-being and your happiness. We wish your stay to be carefree, rich in unforgettable moments of authentic beauty that make each day special.

In the same way that sea glass is smoothed and rounded by the waves and the currents, the hospitality we believe in is continuously honed by observing what you appreciate the most, the attentions that make you come back. Again and again.

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